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Ice Tray

Make Juicy Popsicle’s At Home

Admire frosty treats at home with our Popsicle molds which help you to make up to six flavors in one go. The interesting design keeps the shape from tipping and spilling in your freezer. Our easy going silicone ice cube tray allows you to pop individual ice cube easily. Non-stick and flexible, ice shapes pop right cut from the plate never losing their shape.

Perfectly Shaped Ice Cubes

Helps you to get ready perfect shaped ice cube which is ideal for packaged or canned soda pops. Our silicone ice trays makes it simple to make the ice tube. Treasure the best time with our premium and unique silicone molds for any event, this ice making mold is ideal for making ice stick for kids as well.

Easy to Use and Modernly Designed Trays

Made of a flawless mix of flexible silicone. The tower comprises of three individual ice cube tray with each of a solid lined edge which makes it feasible for the molding of at least two trays on each other for compressed storing. The top is purposely planned to close the tower well. The ice tray remains against dirt and freezer clean. Ice cube tray is 4 x 4 centimeters. This silicone ice tray comprises of 3 sections and 1 cover that can be settled or stacked together, perfect for making ice sticks or cubes in various shapes and sizes.

A New Way to Drink Cold Beverages

Innovatively designed to raise your spirits, this frosty flower swizzle-stick that blooms in the beverages is made with this extraordinary ice making mold of which the adjustable silicone material allows easy handling and comes out effortlessly.