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Containers and Jars

We have perfect kitchen accessories for keeping your meal fresh with simple opening and closing. An excellent item that is design to last. You can store your yesterday’s leftover to make it to days treat.

Convenient Storage’s for Your Leftovers

Make a unique choice, convenient to put in refrigerator to microwave and to the dishwasher. Sort out and store your kitchen mess in our fun and helpful jars and containers. Empty a bundle of desserts into one of our glass containers for a retro sweet shop look, or keep your tea and espresso crisp in our perfectly designed metal tins.

Easy to Use Jars

We’ve likewise got in part jars that precisely meet your needs to make it simple to discover what you’re searching for,which means they complement just about any kitchen design.

The Answer to All Your Storage Needs

Our Jars give you a large quantity of kitchen stockpiling, line up a few on the counter for your unlimited snacks or food storage needs – rice, espresso, tea, beans, pasta and grains.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Also, available in lots of various shapes and sizes, you can utilize them for everything from spaghetti to peppercorns, have wide range in bowl from the base to square edge and to the round shape.

Silicone Glass/ Milk Container

Get the most happiness out of your hydration with tough drinking mugs that are prepared to be squeezed, mixed and served. This container is a silicone drinking glass that brings fun and you won’t have to stress over broken glasses ever! Unbreakable drinking mugs for children of any age.

Ideal for cream or milk serving for hot drinks and even perfect for single serving of sweet or dessert. Classic all white design to give you a feel of elegance with standard quality to enrich your dinner table