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Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

The perfect solution for those that need extra hanging storage room, this interesting and useful clothing rack is a decent option to any laundry room, store room or hall. The rack rolls easily from room to room. Highlights a flexible hanging bar that raises to suit long dresses or coats and stretches out in width for additional hanging space.

Designed to Endure Heavy Weights

Endures a most extreme hanging weight of 80lbs. Useful garments rack for the capacity, airing and transport of apparel. With large and solid 4 castors for simple development. With 2 brakes. With center transverse mountable at 3 heights rail. With boundlessly feature parallel sliding rail for longer things of garments and garments packs. Trouser hanger gives extra space to 12 pants, fixed closures keep pants from slipping, simply present inside closet.

Convenient and Multi-purpose Racks

Attach removable slider to within closet and slide in pants rack, hang pants on our smooth sliding rack that features non-slip rings to keep pants in place, provides great flexibility for placement in your closet.Keep your wardrobe in check with this beautiful and simple freestanding clothing rack.

Large Spaces for You to Get Completely Organized

Give yourself some extra hanging space. You can hang pieces of clothing, set away shoes, scarves and whatever you require on your clothing rack, our clothing rack is perfect for you to move from one place to another. Use our clothing rack to enhance your morning plan. Set out a whole weeks outfits, and you’ll spare yourself from circling for the specific suit. These racks are perfect for overseeing off-season pieces of clothing or things to dry in the pantry or whatever point you could basically use more storage space.

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