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JB Saeed Studio spends significant time in brilliant imported items to give your home a marvelous vibe. We have a wide range of Bathroom accessories for you. Browse our Mirrors in many shapes, styles and sizes.

Assorted Mirror Reflects Your Style!

Give your home/bathroom an extraordinary look that will last. They can be mix with many colors and stylistic layout nicely, get your assorted mirror and make an enhancing choices.

Tip: Bunch the mirrors, together make a mosaic or hang independently for a flexible and custom look.

Magnifying Mirror to Ensure a Flawless Finish

Getting dolled up? Get it together of this Magnifying mirror for your quality needs to highlight every facial expression for most extreme accuracy with the Makeup or shaving! Easy to fix and easy to use, you don’t need to stretch your arms anymore. Dim lighting can make applying makeup a messy process, to say the least. Get down to the details with these beauty-buff-approved lighted makeup mirrors that illuminate each facial feature, so getting all dolled-up is easy and accurate. Glamor Mirror is richly outlined. Magnifying mirror is ideal for all hairs tyling and beautifying.

LED Wall Mirror, Imperial 

The mirror surface is outfitted with a 3x amplification and with a brilliant LED brightening with greatly high toughness. With the assistance of the movement sensor, when some person approaches the mirror, the light goes on.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Bathroom

Mirrors are great to kept in your bedroom or the living room but what really adds to their enhancement is when your place them in your bathroom. As a bathroom is always in need of mirrors, it can really shape up the look of your space by providing a sleek and elegant look every time you step in.